A Good Pitch

There are plenty of good guidelines about how to pitch your film. They are excellent for helping you to understand story structure and pitching etiquette. But this one is slightly different. This is about how to focus on pitching your true story and not the story you think other people want to hear. 5 TOP […]

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Portrait of diverse female friends

Do You See Me Now?

Our Guest Post this week from Natasha Pacheco-Ali is this beautiful poem, which speaks powerfully about the women (and men) we love, honour and admire at I Will Tell. You look at me from far away Thinking you “see” me but what would you say? If you knew the exterior tells so much less Of what […]

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The Birth of A Nation

The Birth of A Nation (TBOAN) is a powerful and hard-hitting film that will be tough to watch, but the benefits to be gained far outweigh the temporary discomfort. We are only free if we are all free. Nate Parker boldly reclaims the title used in DW Griffiths’ racist 1915 version of a film by […]

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For A Time Such As This …

The story of Queen Esther has inspired men and women alike for years. Here she was: a little girl, orphaned and, it seemed, powerless. But she did one thing that changed her own life and that of her countrymen and now millions, perhaps billions of people around the world. When her nation was in deep […]

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How to publish a book without having to write one!

Kickstarter provides the space for us to develop a community that helps us accomplish together what none of us could have done by ourselves. This month it kick-started a brand new revolution in the inspirational for a project that proves that the purpose of getting other people involved is not only about the money. The […]

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One of the excellent short films in this year’s festival is a little beauty called No Love Lost. The title reminded me of an incident just after I made my first short film many years ago. Someone disagreed with me over something and I tried to smooth things over and said Oh well, no love […]

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Every transaction you have in life Will either be false or true False transactions seek to take away what’s good While true transactions will add to you The enemy came to kill, steal and destroy But God loved us so much, He gave He gave His Son, His Kingdom, His all and all And in […]

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Thank You for My Freedom!

Freedom is being able to do what you’re called to do and trusting God to do the rest. Of all the 7 years in the festival, this truth has really been brought home to me this year. The more I focussed on doing what I was called to do, the more people came out of […]

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A Tribute

This year’s festival kicks off soon and I continue to be awestruck by a particular group of people who, year after year, never cease to amaze me with their tenacity, boldness, humility, self-sacrifice and creative genius. I Will Tell filmmakers are the crème de la crème. These are not people who are after making a […]

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