A Tribute

This year’s festival kicks off soon and I continue to be awestruck by a particular group of people who, year after year, never cease to amaze me with their tenacity, boldness, humility, self-sacrifice and creative genius.

I Will Tell filmmakers are the crème de la crème. These are not people who are after making a name for themselves, although it ends up happening that way sometimes. These are less interested in being in the spotlight and more in shining the light that comes from within. And although the director and producer get most of the mentions these amazing films are created by a team of committed creative geniuses who have poured out themselves into their craft.

From those who risked death or life imprisonment for hiding a small camcorder in their armpits, to those who smuggled secret footage out of closed countries that the world may see, hear and know, we salute you.

To those who have mortgaged homes to fund films, who have lost hours of sleep and sacrificed precious time with loved ones, we salute you.

To those who, opened their hearts and their homes and bared their souls before an unknown public, we truly salute you.

You are the ones who inspired this verse:
“And they, the people who had bought into the culture of silence, got the revelation. They saw Freedom pouring from the heart of God and heard the power of the Truth spoken in their own voice. They stood with boldness, without shame or fear of recrimination. They risked the blow of death itself for the right to speak their word and name their world. They got the victory!” (Revelation 12:11 IWT Paraphrase)

Thank you for being part of I Will Tell 30 August to 9 September.

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